About Jade

Jade Gorgeous And Elegant

Jade has been known for thousands of years, Chinese history dates back the gem to more than 5,000 years. Humans were first impressed with the toughness of jade. The intertwined micro fibers that make up jade give it a tough and resilient structure. The name jade encompasses two stones - jade and jadeite. It was once thought that green was the only color in which this gem was found, science has today confirmed the existence of jade in a range of colors. We live at a time when jade and especially jadeite is rare and can cost as much as a diamond. There was a time when jade was used to make tools and arrow heads. This section compiles some very interesting reports related to jade. We talk about jade gems, treatments that are generally applied to jade and much more. 

The gemstone jade consists of not one but two stones. Both jadeite and nephrite are referred to as jade. It was the toughness of this stone that impressed men in ancient times. Read more about this ... more

Like many other gemstones, jade is often treated to improve its color and overall texture. While dyeing is the most popular form of jade treatment, fissure filling also known as impregnation is another option ... more