The Violet And Blue Beauty, Iolite

The iolite gem gets it's name from the Greek word 'ios' which when translated to English would mean violet. An interesting thing about the iolite gem stone is that, certain iolite colors can closely resemble another gem namely, tanzanite. This is interesting because tanzanite is much more expensive as compared to iolite. If you had to describe the color of this gem you would say that it is a bluish-violet. In certain cases a higher blue tint can make the gem come close to the color of sapphire. Similarly more saturation towards the violet tint could make it appear like a tanzanite.

The gem stone has a durable hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale and this means that, it is suitable for all types of jewels. The color of iolite gemstones is stable, so you do not need to worry about color fade. As of today, iolite gems are not treated in any way. This means that the color is natural and this is a plus point for any gem stone. Cleaning and maintaining iolite gemstones is easy, general caution of physical impact which is applicable to all gem stone jewelry should be followed for this gorgeous gem.

The gem stone has an interesting property referred to as pleochroism. Look at the an iolite from one angle and it will show a saturated blue-violet color, turn it around and it could appear colorless. This property of a gem showing different colors from different angles is gemologically named pleochroism. When a gem shows this characteristic, it requires a very experienced cutter to begin cutting with the right orientation. If this is not done, the gem might show it's best color from the side! This would be useless for any jewel. Our gem cutters have perfected the art of cutting such gems and are guided by our team of gem experts. It is believed that this color property was used by the Vikings centuries ago. Iolite helped give them a sense of direction when sailing on the high seas. Iolite therefore came to be known as the Viking's gem stone.

When choosing an iolite gem stone, buyers have differing preferences but some essentials remain the same. We have come across many men who prefer a very deep color for their iolite gem stone. The color is so saturated that little light gets reflected from the gem stone. The medium color iolite is generally the most popular, you can see blue and violet in the gem and the facets are visible through the top surface. There is a very pale violet variety of iolite gem stones too but, these are generally used in the lower quality wholesale jewelry. In any case, make sure that the gem you choose does not have inclusions and cracks that are visible to the naked eye. You might have to compromise a bit on this for iolite gemstones that are in the 4 carat and above sizes.