Garnet Red and More

Garnets are fascinating gems, long thought to be found only in red. We now know about red, green, brown and orange garnets. January birthdays can now be celebrated with a garnet in any of these colors. While red garnets are priced moderately, other rarer garnets like tsavorite and demantoid command extremely high price points. Ant hill garnets are basically pyrope garnets that have been dug up by ants. In this section we introduce you to some very interesting aspects of garnets. This is one section of our website that all gem lovers should not miss, lovers of garnets will surely be amazed by these informative reports. 

Garnets Amazing Color Options

The name garnet refers to the seeds of a pomegranate fruit. For many centuries, red was the only known color for garnets. Our report takes you into the fascinating world of garnet colors, not just red but orange, brown, and even green. A must read for gem lovers ... more

Ant Hill Garnets Meaning

Ant hill garnets are pyrope garnets that are found in a very interesting way. Garnets lying deep in ant hills are dug up by ants, these gems are generally found in smaller sizes. Ant hill garnets are not a specific variety of garnets, they are basically pyrope garnets ... more