Gorgeous Green Gem, Emerald

Emerald The Queen Of Greens

Emerald is a green variety of beryl, it is one of the most coveted gemstones and has always been placed in the higher price bracket. When you wear an emerald gemstone, you define a very refined and classic style statement. Crystal healers recommend wearing an emerald jewel to help, clear domestic and professional tensions. Green symbolizes regeneration, hope and serenity. The gemstone world is blessed with a bevy of green gems but, not other green gemstone comes close to the beauty and charismatic appeal of emerald. Emerald is suitable for both men and women and it would appear equally elegant in gold or sterling silver jewelry. If you plan to buy an emerald gem or jewel, you should know that all natural emeralds have visible inclusions and even fine cracks (fissures). Knowledgeable gem lovers understand that, these natural characteristics are brought about the way in which natural emerald gems are formed. This reports in this section cover some very interesting topics related to the queen of greens, emerald. We will be adding more content here, so make it a point to pay a regular visit. 

Emerald, Elegance And Price

Emerald is a status symbol, the green gem symbolizes harmony and reconciliation. The gem looks awesome in both gold and sterling silver. Emeralds are generally found with fissures and inclusions, this due to the environment in which they are formed ... more

Basic Identification For Emeralds

Emeralds are expensive, choosing an emerald gem can often throw up significant challenges. While most gem lovers believe that, gems with inclusions and fissures have a lower value, emerald is an exception. This report contains useful and interesting information ... more