Emerald, Touch Of Royalty

Emeralds are surely some of the earliest gemstones known to mankind. Green gems bring up visions of nature, trees and greenery something that impresses everyone. Emerald gemstones were very popular among the royals and are still very popular with the rich and famous. History tells us about Cleopatra's collection of stunning emerald gems, infact some of the big emeralds recorded in history belonged to her collection. As gemological sciences developed, it was discovered that many 'emeralds' in Cleopatra's collection were infact peridot and not emerald gemstones! Emeralds are not the only gems that have been misunderstood in history, all red gems were at one time thought to be rubies.

If you are interested in knowing emerald as a birth stone, it is the birthstone for the month of May. Emerald birth stone rings and birthstone pendants with emerald gems are the common May birth stone jewels. Emeralds in general are expensive, various grades of emerald gems can be found and prices would depend on size and grade. Emeralds along with rubies and sapphires are some of the gems where, prices can increase sharply as the size of the gemstone moves up.  You will therefore have to choose the design and dimensions for your emerald birth stone jewel, keeping the price behaviour of the gemstone in mind.

There is something very interesting about emerald gems. All the emeralds mined on this planet have natural and visible inclusions. It is therefore very hard to find an eye clean emerald gem stone. This is all the more true as the size of the emerald increases. Big emeralds could be in the size range of 3 to 4 carats and more. The quality of an emerald can be graded based on color, clarity and lustre.

We now come to the important and interesting issue of treating emeralds.We mentioned above that an emerald will always have natural inclusions and fissures. These obviously reduce the transparency and luster of the gemstone. A few centuries ago man found a way to add luster and enhance the transparency of emerald gemstones. Natural oils were used for this purpose and emeralds were soaked in these oils. The oil would seep into the emerald and fill the fissures, thus increasing clarity and luster. Some believe that this oil treatment also makes the emerald stronger. The inclusions and the oil treatment does mean that emeralds need some caution when being handled, stored and cleaned.