Diamonds A Status Symbol And More


A diamond is one of nature's most scintillating creations the fire and glitter of this stone has been admired for centuries. In the world that we live in, diamonds are a symbol of pure love, they are also a symbol of prosperity and social status. Diamonds are rare and they were once thought to be only white. Humans became aware of colored diamonds when science had developed enough to prove their existence. Not many people are aware that, external processes are often applied to change the color of natural diamonds. For many decades, diamond was thought to be the only stone that was suitable for wedding and engagement rings. In this section we compile reports that cover various issues related to diamonds.  

Diamond Essential Information 

Diamonds are gorgeous, they are also rare and expensive. Unfortunately much of the information provided for diamonds is way too technical, for the casual jewelry buyer to comprehend. Our report explains various issues in simple terms ... more

Colored Diamonds, The Origin Of The Color

With more than 95% of the diamonds mined each year being white, colored diamonds are rare. Interestingly, color and not clarity is a price consideration when valuing a color diamond. Some colored diamonds are naturally formed, others are treated ... more