Demantoid Garnet

Demantoid The Rare Garnet

Demantoid is one of the rare varieties of garnet but, there is much more that makes the gemstone highly desirable. The gemstone gets its name from the word 'diamant' which means diamond like. Look at a diamond and it is the fire and glitter of the stone that immediately grabs your attention. Experts confirm that it is the high rate of dispersion that, gives diamond its fire. For very long it was thought that, diamond was the stone with the highest dispersion. Things changed when demantoid was discovered, we now know that demantoid has a dispersion reading that beats diamond. To put it lightly, demantoid is more 'diamond like' than, diamond itself. We have a bunch of useful and interesting reports related to demantoid compiled in this section. 

Demantoid The Rare Green Garnet

For very long it was thought that all garnets are red. Thanks to modern science, we now know that the garnet family embraces a colorful spectrum of gems - green is one of them. Demantoid is a green garnet with tremendous fire and glitter, read our report ... more

Valuable Inclusions In Demantoid Garnet

Inclusions in gems generally means a lower price tag but, a certain type of inclusion in demantoid actually raises the value of the stone. Russian demantoid garnets sometimes contain a bunch of inclusions that, resemble the tail of a horse, read all about it ... more