If you had to trace the origins of Danburite, you would be digging deep under the city of Danbury In Connecticut. This was where Danburite was first found, the gemstone name is of course got from the name of the city. Much of the jewelry and gemstone industry today relies on danburite sources in Mexico and Madagascar. There is some mention of Burma and Japan as a source for danburite, but no commercial quantities can be claimed from these sources. For those of you who want to know something about the history of danburite, the gem stone was first found in Danbury in the year 1839 by Charles Upham Shephard.

Not many people have heard of Danburite, it is probably the rather non-fashionable name that has kept it out of the mainstream!. For those knowledgeable few who know about this gem stone, most will vouch that all danburite is white in color. The fact is that, the gem stone can also be found in pale yellor or pink. Not much of colored danburite makes the rounds in the gem stone markets, but some gem manufacturers in Thailand and even India have managed to procure danburite rough in colors other than white.

Let us talk about the durability and other physical properties of danburite. The Mohs scale that rates gem hardness on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the hardest, gives danburite an impressive rating of 7 to 7.5. This is more than a mere number as it implies that danburite is very suitable for all types of jewelry. It is sometimes quite amazing how other gems with much lower strength and durability have made their name in the gemstone world. Danburite is modestly priced, you would value the gem stone based on color, clarity and size. Beyond those features, shape, size and type of cut would also influence the price point of the gem stone.

Something about the Danburite color options and pricing needs to be understood. We just mentioned that white danburite is just one of the colors in which this gem stone is found, you could also have light tan, pale pink or even yellow danburite. Since danburite in other colors is not very common, prices of colored danburite are higher than that of white danburite. However there is an important exception that needs to be considered when talking about colored and white danburite gemstones. If you had an extremely pale yellow or pink color for a danburite gem, the stone could be worth less than an eye clean and well cut white danburite stone. The idea is that, too little color is more like a disturbance than a unique feature of the stone.

An interesting thing about danburite rough is that, much of it is not really cut into cut and polished gems. Gem collectors treat it as a collectors treasure and line it up with other colorless stones like quartz, topaz and even goshenite (white beryl). When it comes to cut and polished loose danburite gemstones, you should give importance to clarity and cut rather than go for sheer size. The sturdy nature of the gemstone makes it suitable for danburite rings, danburite pendants and earrings and even danburite bracelets.

Many people buy gems due to traditions and beliefs. Wearing a danburite gemstone is believed to stimulate spiritual awareness and make possible, communications with the outer world (angels). Believers in crystal theraphy claim that danburite activates the crown chakra related to the energy center at the top of the head. Please remember that these are mere beliefs and we do not claim that they have been tested or proved to be accurate.  

We would like to mention something about danburite gem stone jewelry. The few jewelers who have heard about danburite and have access to this gorgeous gem, often recommend it for earrings and pendants. This does not mean that danburite is not durable enough for rings. The point is that, it is conventionally believed that colorless or pale colored gems are better noticed when worn a bit higher, on the ears or around the neck. However you can get a stunning danburite ring custom made with a well cut eye clean danburite gem stone. Cutting the stone with a fancy faceted pattern and fairly deep shape, can give an almost hypnotic display of color reflections when seen from the top.