Citrine, Brightness And Sparkle 

Citrine was considered to be the gem stone of wealth in ancient times. It is not sure whether the golden color of some citrine gems brought about this belief. Like many other gems, citrine belongs to the quartz family and has a hardness that makes it suitable for jewelry. Citrine and amethyst have a hardness of 7 when measured on the Mohs scale. When you wear a citrine gem stone ring or other jewel, you need not worry too much about water or detergents affecting the gemstone. It is the color and durability that makes citrine very popular in ladies and men's jewels. After all, men do not really take too much care of the jewelry that they wear.

If you had to talk about the color of citrine gems, you would need to understand the color range in which this yellow gemstone can be found. A very pale yellow citrine gem stone would not show any other color tones. You should not confuse citrine with lemon quartz, as they are two different gems. Lemon quartz can often be a greenish yellow color. Citrine gems can also have a darker shade of yellow, this is often tinted with brown or orange. Some citrine gems are believed to represent the color of a Portugese wine. These citrines are often referred to by the name of that Portugese wine and are called Madeira citrine gems. It is important to remember that the term madeira does not refer to the place where the gem was mined, it is actually a mere reference to a particular color of some citrine gems.

Gemstone sellers sometimes use confusing names like 'topaz quartz' to describe citrine gems. Topaz does not belong to the quartz family and the term topaz quartz has been coined to fool buyers into believing that citrine is the same as yellow topaz. You might have guessed that yellow topaz is much more expensive as compared to citrine. The November birth stone is citrine but, topaz is also one of the November birthstones. You can have some very gorgeous and innovative citrine gemstone jewels because the gem is not very expensive and large sizes are still available.