Chrome Diopside

Elegance In Green, Chrome Diopside

This is a gem stone with a lively green color, chrome diopside is a type of diopside that gets it's green color from the presence of chromium. There is just one location on this planet where chrome diopside is mined and that is Siberia. An interesting thing is that the famous diamond mines of this region are not too far away from the chrome diopside mines. We say that the gem stone has a lively green as, the green color is much thicker than that of a peridot. Moldavite and most of the green tourmalines mined are a shade darker and quieter as compared to chrome diopside.

When choosing chrome diopside jewelry, you will need to understand the hardness of this green gem stone. Gems that are suitable for rings should ideally have a Mohs hardness reading of at least 7. Chrome diopside gems measure up to a mere 5.5 on the Mohs scale and are therefore more suited for earrings and pendants rather than rings. However if you do get a chrome diopside ring, remember to take it off when doing heavy physical activity. It is recommended that you do not wear a gold or silver chrome diopside ring as a casual wear jewel.

The durability of chrome diopside jewelry does not depend purely on the gem hardness. A good jewelry design needs to take the properties of the gem stone into consideration. Given the fact that the gem stone is not very hard, you should avoid chrome diopside jewels where the gem protrudes too much out of the mounting. For pendants and earrings with chrome diopside gems, try to avoid leaving the corners or edges of the gem exposed. These portions of any gem are likely  to get damaged with physical impact. Cleaning chrome diopside stones is quite easy, cool water with a mild liquid soap can be used. If your chrome diopside gem stone jewel has accumulated dust or grime under the stone, clean it using a soft toothbrush. It is always a good idea to store jewelry without letting various jewels press against each other. The relatively low hardness of Chrome diopside suggests that, you should not store the jewel in a way that it can hit or scratched by other jewels. An interesting thing about chrome dioside stones is that, smaller sizes have a rich green color whereas larger sizes are most often quite dark.

If you need the green color of chrome diopside but would appreciate better gem stone hardness, you could try moldavite or chrome tourmaline which is a type of green tourmaline. An interesting thing about chrome diopside is that the gem stone is not treated by any process. It is often said that chrome diopside brings natural green into an area that is largely barren, Siberia.