Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz, Absolutely Gorgeous And Amazingly Affordable 

Blue topaz gemstones are available in three shades of blue. You should know that all blue topaz gemstones are treated for color. This is true of sky blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and london blue topaz gemstones. When it comes to treating topaz to get these gorgeous shades of blue, scientists use two possible processes. The first process is when radiation is used to change the color. When this process is used, the color is got throughout the blue topaz gem and not only on the surface. With this kind of treatment, your topaz gem can be recut, repolished or reshaped without a problem.

The second method used to treat blue topaz gems is based on a surface diffusion process. When this is done the color is present only towards the surface of the gemstone. This means that the color does not penetrate throughout the gem. You therefore cannot repolish or recut blue topaz that has been color treated in this way. Recutting or repolishing would alter the surface of the gemstone, remember that it is only the surface that has the blue color. In general we would suggest that you stay away from surface treated blue topaz, the color of such stones would actually get destroyed when the surface of the gemstone is damaged.

The radiation process for producing blue topaz gem stones has been perfected for several decades. Safety procedures are put into place and there is no way that contaminated gems can be circulated in the market. In recent years, commercial development of the surface treatment process was introduced. The process has a severe disadvantage as the color is only on the surface of the blue topaz that is produced. It is often felt that lobbying by this group prompted fears of radiated topaz, fears that never existed.

We now live in a world where, blue topaz has been scientifically tested to be absolutely safe. The gem happens to be one of the most sold gemstone for several decades. There is no doubt that the modest price point of blue topaz, makes it an attractive buy. And you have a shade of blue to please everyone.