Black Onyx

The Beauty Of Black 

Onyx is a type of chalcedony quartz and is found in a few different colors. The most popular is black onyx, so much so that most people think that all onyx gems are black. This gemstone is found in fairly large sizes, countries like Thailand produce some stunning antique style jewels with black onyx. Most black onyx gems are cut in a smooth cabachon cut without any facets. However, some exquisite onyx jewelry is designed and produced with black onyx gemstones that have been cut with facets. The Kanchanaburi province of Thailand produces some stunning silver pendants with large black onyx gems. Many of these pendants have onyx that is cut with a special multi faceted cut, this is also called the checkerboard cut.

Coming to the physical properties of black onyx, it is suitable for all types of jewelry. A Mohs hardness scale reading gives onyx a rating of 6.5 to 7 and this is considered to be good. All gems need some level of caution when being worn or cleaned, no special precautions are called for in the case of onyx gem stones. The best thing about black onyx is it's modest price, you will therefore find the gem set in gold and silver jewelry. Though high gold prices are slowing down the demand for large gem stone jewels, big onyx gemstones are being still being set in sterling silver jewelry. Do not be surprised to find black onyx pendants with onyx gems that are 20mm or even larger. When buying such large gems, check for surface defects like chipping, cracks or even pits.

Black gems like onyx have one very big advantage, they can be set in all gold colors. You could have a yellow or white gold black onyx ring and rest assured that both gold colors would look great. The recent increased demand for rose gold jewelry can handle this gemstone too. A black onyx ring in rose gold would look absolutely stunning, choose an artistic rose gold mounting and it would do even better. If you prefer sterling silver for reasons of budget or just because you love silver, remember that black onyx silver jewelry looks classic and exclusive when antique design styles are selected. Once you have an antique style silver jewel, a slight tarnish that will naturally set in enhances the beauty of the jewel.

A special mention about black onyx gemstones in men's jewelry is relevant here. Mens rings with black onyx have always been high on the demand list. This is true of both gold and sterling silver men's onyx rings. Fewer men as compared to ladies actually wear jewelry. Among the men who wear jewels, a large proportion are not attracted to jewels that are flashy and loud. Black onyx suits their taste, the gem has  a deep color, it is opaque and has a quiet but confident appearance. In a way it defines what a man should ideally potray and be, handsome, confident and reliable. Another reason why many mens jewels use black onyx is related to the price factor. Since men's jewelry would normally contain larger gem sizes, it is necessary to choose gems that are moderately priced. Black onyx also wins points on this note. The gem is attractively priced for mens gold or even men's silver jewelry.

There is a belief among many people that wearing a black onyx gemstone jewel helps one get over personal grief and tragedy. This belief has extended to many parts of the globe but, we have not managed to find the origin or reason for this.