Ametrine Gemstones

Combining Two Gorgeous Gems, Ametrine

Ametrine is a variety of quartz, and shows some amazing color zoning. In gemological terms, color zoning is not something that is preferred in a gem. But Ametrine is different, it is a gem that combines two distinctly different gems namely citrine and amethyst. This becomes quite apparent when you consider the fact that, the name of this gem rhymes with that of citrine and amethyst.

The major source for this gem is today located in Bolivia, the Anahi mines to be more specific. The Bolivians are both fond and proud of this unique gem, ametrine is locally called Bolivianita. The Anahi mines from where ametrine is mined has an interesting origin to it's name. In the seventeenth century, a Spanish statesman received the mine as dowry for marrying a princess from the Ayoreos tribe. The name of the princess was Anahi, the mine came to be known by the same name.

Now let us dive into some technical details related to Ametrine. We already mentioned that ametrine is basically a quartz much like citrine and amethyst. This gives it a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, implying that it is hard enough to be used in all types of jewelry. Quartz is a stable mineral and can handle most wear and tear, you therefore need not worry about any special care requirements when wearing, cleaning or storing your ametrine stones or jewelry.

If you need an exact and comprehensive explanation about how ametrine gems were formed, you will need to wait a few decades or perhaps longer. Scientists have a fairly clear idea of what might have possibly caused ametrine to be formed but, it is not the complete story and many issues remain unanswered. Firstly, it is true that the ametrine gem mining area would hold deposits of citrine and amethyst as well. As the ametrine quartz stone is formed, a combined effect of pressure, temperature and iron deposits cause a portion of the crystal to have an orange to yellow color, the remaining bears a violet to purple color. It is very possible that some portions of the crystal were exposed to different degrees of pressure and temperature, as compared to the remaining portions. This is probably the reason why ametrine stones have two distinct colors in them.

So you now have ametrine crystals that contain two colors. This is unique and unusual but you also have a tough job ahead for the jewelry designer and gem cutter. Traditionally most ametrine is cut in the classic octogonal rectangular shape with emerald cut. An additional consideration would be the amount of purple portion and yellow portion that would be seen in the final cut piece. Most gem manufacturers aim for a 50-50 percentage visibility of the two colors present in ametrine. Jewelry designers tuned all their design efforts on ametrine stones with 50-50 color split gems. As years passed by, this half and half color split in ametrine gemstones raised two issues. The first was that, jewelry buyers started to get bored with the standard designs being churned out. This was more apparent in the higher end jewelry market. Another issue raised by some ametrine mining contractors was that, restricting selections to the 50-50 color split resulted in a high rate of wastage in ametrine rough gems.

Some fascinating ametrine stones can now be seen with rather unconventional color splits. Orienting the rough ametrine in some unique and odd angles can often show interesting colors that, both blend and combine yellow and purple. There is not too much of these unique ametrine gems. Cutters creating this trend are master cutters working on their own rather than, workers hired by wholesale gem cutting factories.

Let us now talk briefly about the traditions and metaphysical properties of ametrine gems. As most of us are aware, ametrine is not a conventional birth stone. However since this stone combines amethyst and citrine, it encompasses two birthstones. The February birth stone is amethyst and citrine is the birthstone for the month of November. A very rare and unique birthstone jewel could be designed and crafted where these are the birth stones for a couple. We mentioned rare because, it is not very often that the husband and wife share February and November as the months in which they were born. It would be a pleasant coincidence if it happened and ametrine would be a fitting tibute to the love and affection enjoyed by the couple.  

When it comes to the special powers or meta physical properties of any gemstone, we would like to begin with a clear and important message. The information presented here is merely included to state beliefs and traditions, we do not make any claims about any gem being able to cure any sickness or physical disability. Your family doctor is the best person to take care of your medical ailments. Substituting gems or crystal theraphies for prescribed medications can be very dangerous and might even endanger your life.

Here are the metaphysical properties of ametrine. Being a combination of amethyst and citrine, the stone is believed to contain the goodness and power of both these stones. Amethyst is supposed to allow a person to keep a cool head and be more receptive to new ideas. In the ancient days it was believed that a person would never get drunk if he drank from a mug made from the amethyst stone! Many people believe that it is the stone that provides immunity against sickness and illness. The heart and nervous system are supposed to function more efficiently when a person wears an amethyst gem stone.

Similar properties have also been attributed to the second gem that forms part of ametrine namely, citrine. The stone is believed to enhance creativity and strengthen self-confidence. Many people believe that this November birth stone makes it easier for a person to acquire wealth!.

All you need to do is to bring together the benefits of citrine and amethyst and you would have the benefits of ametrine. As time passes by, the demand for gems solely based on their special powers gets weaker. You can therefore wear ametrine just for it's beauty and grace, the fact that it presents a combination of two other gems comes as an added bonus!