Amethyst Gemstone

The name amethyst was derived from the Greek word 'amethustos' and the Latin word 'amethystus', two very interesting words in the context of a gemstone. The meaning of these words translates into something like 'not drunk' or 'no wine'. Centuries ago there was a strong belief that, drinking alcohol from a mug carved from the purple gem, would prevent the drinker from getting intoxicated. This explains the dozens of amethyst goblets discovered by historians. Available in pale, medium and dark purple shades amethyst has a color that goes well with all skin colors. The gem maintains its unique elegance and appeal in gold or sterling silver and all three gold colors. The gemstone has a permanent spot on the birthstone charts, it symbolizes the month of February. This section of the Directstones website, assembles some very interesting reports related to this scintillating purple gemstone. 

The Purple Beauty, Amethyst

Quartz is a wonder mineral that has contributed some scintillating gemstones to the world of style and elegance. Amethyst is the purple variety of quartz and its color range spans some of the most amazing purple shades. Read all about the amazing gem ... more