Amethyst Gemstones

Amethyst The Purple Beauty

Amethyst is a gorgeous variety of quartz, the gemstone has a color range that goes from pale purple to a deep and saturated purple. When humans first came in touch with amethyst, the gem was quite rare and big unexplored resources were unknown. Those were the days when the purple gem was valued at almost the same level as ruby and sapphire. Royals like Catherine The Great of Russia, were ardent fans of amethyst. The 'Victorian Era' reveals some very elegant pieces of jewelry studded with 'Rose De France' amethyst. Pale colored amethyst stones went by that name. 

Historians were surprised to find amethyst mugs, these were dated to be many centuries old. The fact that such mugs were found in many locations, signified a deeper meaning to these objects. After much research, it was revealed that the amethyst mugs were related to popular folklore attached to the purple gemstone. The belief was that drinking wine (alcohol) from an amethyst cup, would prevent the drinker from getting intoxicated. 

A great development that helped reign in the price of amethyst and make it affordable for almost everyone who wished to wear it, was the exploration of the Brazilian amethyst mines. The deeper shades of purple seen in the gem are generally mined in parts of Africa and South America. Interestingly it is the medium purple amethyst coming from Brazil that, gets maximum attention. The reasoning is that, this shade of purple gives the best color visibility and light reflection. To put it simply, medium purple amethyst gems show good sparkle and color. We would say that, the choice of color shade is best left to each individual buyer. 

The moderate price of amethyst makes it a good choice for both, gold and 925 silver jewelry. The gemstone itself looks elegant and dignified in all metal colors. The design choice for amethyst is large and virtually unlimited. The gem is not exorbitantly priced even in the 3 to 5 carat size range, it can be cut into fancy shapes and is easy to wear and maintain. 

Crystal healers claim that amethyst has a soothing effect on people who wear it. The gemstone helps you keep mind and reflexes sharp and brings good luck. Gemstones used by believers of crystal therapy are generally 'cleansed' before they are used. There is a belief since ancient times that, amethyst is capable of cleansing all other gems and crystals. The practice of wearing birthstone has been a long trend, amethyst is listed as the birthstone for February. 

When selecting a large amethyst stone, don't be surprised to see some color zoning in the stone. This is a natural occurrence and is caused by the unique formation process by which amethyst is formed in nature.