Amber Priceless Inclusions

While most gems are formed from rocks and minerals, the origin of amber can be traced back to one of nature's living creation - trees. Millions of years ago, sap that dripped down from certain trees collected on the ground below. Over years and decades, the sap hardened. Closer to our times, those trees are extinct and we named the hardened sap 'amber'. The amazing story of amber is much deeper than the hardening of sap or resin from now extinct trees. We go back to the liquid form, the liquid that dropped from those trees. The environment was open, there were dried foliage and insects and there were winds and rains. Some of these surrounding objects, especially the smaller fragments got embedded into the liquid sap. The hardening material embraced all of them and then went on to become what we refer to as, amber. While discerning gem lovers never cease to be excited about the history and amazing beauty of amber, scientists are super excited to study those million year old inclusions. We devote this section of the Directstones website to amber, the mystical, amazing and fascinating gemstone. 

Amber The Fascinating Story

Millions of years ago, liquidsap or resin that dropped down from now extinct trees, solidified and formed amber. Materials or their fragments in the vicinity, got trapped in the viscous liquid as it hardened ... more