Exotic Alexandrite

Some gems are gorgeous others are rare, the hardness and durability of different gemstones can vary widely. And then you have gemstones like alexandrite, a very rare variety of chrysoberyl. The gemstone has an attractive color and a good hardness but, this is not all that alexandrite offers. The gemstone exhibits a rare optical phenomenon, gemologists refer to it as 'color change'. The color of alexandrite shows a distinct change when seen under daylight and incandescent light. If there is something that, keeps people away from this amazing gem, it is the exorbitant price levels.  Interestingly, the gemstone is generally found in sizes well below a carat. Directstones  covers a number of interesting reports focused on alexandrite.

Alexandrite The Rare And Exotic Gem

Alexandrite would easily rate as one of the rarest gemstones on the planet. Besides being gorgeous and tough, alexandrite displays a very rare optical phenomenon called 'color change' ... more

Lab Created Alexandrite Gemstones

Lab created alexandrite gems are made in advanced laboratories. These gems clone the physical  and chemical properties of natural alexandrite. Our reports provide more information on lab alexandrite ... more