Agate, The Queen Of Color And Variety

Agate A Gorgeous Natural Creation 

An agate is a variety of quartz, the internal structure of this stone makes it tough and durable. Most agates are in  the 6 to 7 hardness range, the stone is however very much sturdier because of its microfibrous structure. Technicalities aside, agate is gorgeous and includes stones with dazzling colors and patterns. The plain brown or orange-brown agate is probably the best known but, the gem can present colors that are spectacular. Agate is formed over millions of years through the solidification process, it changes state from liquid to solid. Changes in environment can alter the elements within the stone formation stage, this results in some amazing agate specimens. You could find a banded agate, with regular or irregular bands of color, the pretty lace agate is a good example. This section contains some valuable and interesting information related to agates, bookmark this page and keep in touch with the Queen Of Variety, Agate. 

The Agate Story, Directstones Report

Agate a variety of quartz, is found in a range of colors, you could also find agates with some very interesting patterns. More on this topic in the report ... more

The Elegance Of Lace Agate

The natural formation of agate takes millions of years to complete. Lace agate is formed by the layered formation of the stone, more about the stone ... more