Agate Gemstones

Agates Amazing Variety

Agates are interesting gemstones, sometimes found in a single color and at other times like a stone with layers of different colors. Agate is another of those stones that belong to the quartz family. The gemstone is often described as a quartz with microfibrous structure. If that technical jargon confuses you, just remember that the 6.5 to 7 hardness of agate along with the microfibrous structure work to make agates more strong and tough.

The river Drillo near Sicily is what gave Agate it's name, this river was called Aghates a long time ago. Centuries ago it was believed that agate reduces fever, this led people to place a piece of Agate in the bowls that were used to drink water. Please note that we do not recommend that, such practices be used to replace proper medical advice. Cameos and Intaglios originating in Rome and Greece were carved on pieces of the agate gemstone. Carved gems are today very popular, automated gemstone carving systems are responsible for large scale production. The value of these machine cut carvings will ofcourse be much lesser as compared to originals that are carved by skilled artisans.

Agate can sometimes have unique patterns and effects in the stone. Eye agates for example look very much like a natural eye. Lace agate found in different colors shows some very artistic and intricate design patterns. When you move away from agate gems that have mainly single color with no pattern, you enter the amazing world of colorful and fascinating agates. In this world, you can confidently claim that every piece of agate stone is unique. The exact patterns will never be repeated by nature, a mind boggling truth.

The deep brown agates which are almost a rust color, are often used in mens jewelry. While some religions attach special significance to such dark agate gems, the deep color impresses most men. Agate gemstones can also form the backdrop for intial rings and jewels that have symbols. For example, you can have a silver ring with a cross where the cross is cast in silver and fixed over a piece of dark brown agate. Having said this, we suggest that you choose a reputed jeweler when purchasing such jewels. Similar jewels coming from China have often found to have a brown plastic factory made base, there really is no agate stone in such jewels.

To ensure that you get good and natural stones, you need to choose the right source.